Daniel Villa Verde - músico e compositor


In 2002 Daniel started his work as a teacher of electric guitar, focusing on technique, harmony and improvisation. Worked with local musicians in Rio de Janeiro with jazz / fusion presentations from 2004 to 2007. He Joined the federal college UNI-Rio in 2005 and studied two and half years until, in mid-2007, he moved to Florianópolis where he had the opportunity to be among music therapists, which added to his informal training during his professional path construction.

In 2007, the opportunity to present his work as solo acoustic guitar player in another country appeared. He went to Quilpué and Valparaiso, in Chile and played in the “World Music Festival” at the Sala Rubén Darío and the “Quilpué Vecinal Theatre Festival”, both festivals occurring in the second half of 2007. On these occasions the local radio station Valentin Lethelier played his music on national level.

Still in Chile, Daniel stayed with artists at the joint work with Casona Campbell Cultural Center.

From 2008 to 2010 he traveled widely troughtout Brazil along with the visual artist and companion Julie Kolker, focusing on music and Agroecology (music in ecovillages and communities) and during this period he exchanged musical experiences in communities such as Terra Una

Entrevista: Take Five With Daniel Villa Verde, no All About Jazz - novembro de 2013

Contato: contato@danielvillaverde.mus.br

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